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We've got some shows booked for the fall and winter months! Check out the venues and dates below and mark your calendars! See you there!


December 2nd - Market of Curiosities

December 10th - York College Climbing Comp

December 16th - Governor Stable Bouldering Comp

January 10th -  HBG Flea

February 10th -  Trenton Punk Rock Flea Market


Thank you for stopping by! I've been doing the graphic design gig for over sixteen years and in that time I've explored many different styles, techniques and tools. Sketching, water colors, street art & stenciling, Photoshopping and how to use computers to relay my ideals and thoughts. All these components have lead me to shape this new persona; Lucky Streak Clothing Co. Lucky Streak is a laid back, too-cool for school t shirt brand. Our weapons of choice are lighthearted designs and tongue in cheek humor. LS strives to bring a diversion from reality after we are finished with our "big people" problems. Sometimes Lucky Streak makes spelling errors on our Facebook posts and we don't even correct them due to our reckless behavior.


The garments we pick for our designs are comfy- and I mean soft. They feel like your new favorite shirt. And your old ones, well, we'd like to replace them. Some people that we know jog in their shirts. A bunch of my friends go rock climbing in theirs. I wear my LS shirts to bed like a nighty. A lot of Lucky Streak's time is spent picking quality material that we prefer to wear. None of our shirts turn to cardboard after their first wash. You know that feeling.


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