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Some really excellent locations on the Carlisle Pike now carry Lucky Streak Clothing!


First off, there isn't any place in the Harrisburg area quite like the Brain Vessel Art Gallery. These dudes set us up with a really nice display in the main gallery and if that wasn't a nice enough compliment, they dedicated a whole showroom just to us! We call it The Lucky Streak Lounge! Lucky Streak fits right in with Brain Vessel's style of artwork, products, and we feel very welcome there indeed. I think you will feel the same. Don't be shy, stop in and be sure to try some of their delicious teas!


If you are into bouldering & rock climbing, this second location needs no introduction. The Climbnasium has been around for a long time and is notorious for it's challenging problems and friendly community. I've met some of my best friends at this place, and bouldering at The Nasium over the years has made an immeasurable impact on my life and the world of Lucky Streak Clothing.


I owe a lot to Brain Vessel and The Climbnasium so I encourage you to drive down The Pike and visit these highly recommended businesses today!


Thank you for stopping by! It means a lot that you are here!


Lucky Streak shirts are for those of us that have decided that we can create our own luck. Luck wasn’t finding us, so we decided to go look for luck on our own. Lucky people don’t have an edge over unlucky people. What lucky people do differently is purposely place themselves in environments that allows them to grow. They choose good people to be friends with. They are creative with problem solving. Lucky people see an unplanned circumstance as a chance opportunity and not as an obstacle. They smile on purpose. They have a sense of humor and they don't feed negative attitudes. I hope these T Shirts are a reminder of all these things and that they will help you maintain a life long Lucky Streak!


The biggest challenge about selling our ultra soft shirts online is that you can’t feel how soft they really are for yourself! Until you get your own, you’ll have to take our word for it. I promise you, we are proud of how comfortable the fabric is. A lot of energy is spent picking quality material that we prefer to wear ourselves. None of our garments turn to cardboard after that first wash. We all know what I'm talking about.



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Here is a list of our confirmed show dates.

We try to bring our shirts to your town whenever we can and we are always

looking for venues to make that possible.

If you would like us to come to your event

or if you have any leads on shows

drop us line HERE!

MARCH 2   Harrisburg PA   HBG FLEA

APRIL 6  Harrisburg PA   HBG FLEA



APRIL 14  Forty Fort PA  900 MARKETPLACE

APRIL 27  State College PA  POP UP AVE.