You have to bring your sense of humor and your punk attitude if you’re going to be wearing Lucky Streak. The graphics come from the mind of Rocky Woodling. It is a realm of sarcasm and shade. It’s a step back from hype, trends and extremes. 

“Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s important to be passionate about whatever you are into and you should work hard. But keep in mind, a planetoid that is on a collision course with earth, does not care about how many times you’ve seen Dale Earnhardt in concert.” - Rocky Woodling

As for the garments, they are top notch. We seek out the softest material that we can find. Our fans expect it and we can’t let them down. The images are not screen printed by a guy named Dong, located in a replica city of Las Vegas in the surveillance country of China. No, they are printed by a guy named Travis, in a basement next to his washer and dryer in Carlisle PA.