Rocky Woodling is the CEO, vice president and head designer of Lucky Streak. He is the marketing director and VP of the accounting department. Rocky is the website manager and is in charge of public relations. Mr. Woodling is head of quality control. He is in charge of warehouse operations and oversees the distribution of the LS product. Rocky is the security team and safety officer. Ricky is the editor and spellcheker. He is the spiritual advisor and janitor. So if you have any problems or concerns, Rocky is the one you should speak with. Email him at:

Return Policy

Just a couple things:

In the rare case of a return, I will reimburse you or exchange the item, but you have to pay to ship it back to me. Please do so before you wash it, don't stain the garment and don't let your dog chew it up. I'd like the tag and sticker to be in tack as well. Basically, I need it returned to me in the same condition that you received it. Please send it back to me as soon as possible.

I know if you're returning a shirt it's because something isn't quite right and I want you to be happy. If you have any problems email Rocky at